What is muvone

Muvone is the first wearable device specifically designed to help you prevent osteoporosis.

Its small size and attractive design make it the ideal complement to take care of your health intelligently.

Wear it and start delaying the onset of osteoporosis symptoms.

Dispositivo para la prevención primaria de la osteoporosis Muvone

How it works

  • Wear it. You can wear it on your shoes or hanging it from your belt. The more you wear it, the better the results.
  • Check your daily activity. Check if the physical activity you perform is sufficient to help strengthen your bones or how much sunlight you need to absorb enough vitamin D.
  • Get recommendations. With the app, you can learn the secrets of a diet rich in foods that can help prevent osteoporosis.


Learn exercises to prevent osteoporosis

Learn exercises to prevent osteoporosis

Muvone lets you know the best exercises to strengthen your bones.

Take advantage of the beneficial effects of the sun

Take advantage of the beneficial effects of the sun

Control the amount of sunlight you need to get sufficient vitamin D required to absorb calcium in your bones.

Discover food that prevents osteoporosis

Discover food that prevents osteoporosis

Follow the nutritional recommendations to incorporate foods rich in vitamin D and calcium into your diet, in the required amount that improves your bone health.

muvone app on your smartphone

Available for Android and soon for your iPhone.

Put on your muvone device, download the app …

muvone app login screen

… And start taking care of your bones!

muvone app dashboard screen

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