Muvone history

After many years dedicated to promoting healthy habits and, especially, to the prescription of exercise in different population groups, we realized that two or three hours a week are not enough to see improvements; therefore, we need to devote much more time to our health. 

Accordingly we wanted to take advantage of the new miniature sensors that can be used 24 hours a day, known as wearable technologies. The need to focus on the prevention of osteoporosis is simple: it is estimated that 22 million women and 5.5 million men have osteoporosis in the European Union and Muvone is an essential tool designed to prevent this disease.

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Muvone team

Borja Sañudo
Sergio Tejero
Iván Delgado
Jáser Abdel-Kader
Carlos Corrales
Jose Benítez
Pablo Campos
David Reyes

Those who have placed their trust in us

FI-C3 - The Future Internet Public-Private Partnership

Healthy bones, happy bones


¡Make your bones happy with muvone!