FI-C3 and Muvone: EIT Digital Event in Paris, on July the 6th

Hello! We are really happy because in some days we’re flying to Paris in order to assist to the EIT Digital Event, which will take place in 23 Avenue d’Italie in Paris (France) on 6TH of July. We’re delightful and looking forward both to showing our brand new wearable and also meeting all the rest of wonderful startups that will attend the event and which are also part of FI-C³. 

Muvone is one of the projects that were selected by FI-C³  with the purpose of developing what was just an idea some months ago and turning it into reality. In this event, we will explain every step we’ve done during all this time and also we will also speak about our short term strategies and goals.


The FI-C³ Programme is one of the best accelerators for innovative Internet products/services proposed by an SME or an individual entrepreneur in the following business domains: Smart Territories, Media & Contents and Care & Well-being.

Muvone is part of the Care & Well-being’s group of startups. FI-C³ is part of FIWARE that is the brand of a complete set of European technologies for free public use comprising software components called Enablers as well as in-cloud based platforms and tools to develop innovative web applications.

FI-C³ Programme is one of the 16 accelerators of Phase 3 of FI-PPP, an Internet innovation programme driven by the European Commission. The goal of former Phases 1 and 2 was to develop FIWARE. Now, the aim of current Phase 3 is to encourage its use.

The FIWARE mission is to build an open sustainable ecosystem around public, royalty-free and implementation-driven software platform standards that will ease the development of new Smart Applications in multiple sectors.

What other startups are part of FI-C³?

In the E-health group we can highlight the following startups:

Oblumi: Oblumi tapp, their first product, will change the concept of the world’s most common medical device, the thermometer. Oblumi tapp is a device that, when connected to a smartphone, converts into a digital infrared thermometer with a vast range of capabilities, thanks to a powerful software ecosystem which includes their app and Oblumi cloud.

Eglu: Eglu is a Safe mobility of citizens with mild dementia or acquried brain damage by a novel GPS navigation system.

Outbarriers: Outbarriers is a universal system to improve self-mobility and accessibility to blind and visual impaired by sound advises to mobile. This information can be from an alert of a risky point in the street/building to detailed information of a room/environment or a near trade/business. That’s possible thanks to beacons BLE devices strategically placed. Businesses are visible for them now. Possibilities are endless for all.

SeizSafe: Seizsafe is a non-intrusive integrated system to monitor epilepsy patients at night-time and alert relatives or caregivers when a seizure is detected, generating also useful information for improving medical treatments.

Gociety solutions: Gociety Solutiosn offers a highly scalable next generation mPERS (mobile Personal Emergency Respons Solution) at a fraction of today’s cost. The Gociety solution is the innovative „engine” that provides the brain and analytics for the professional care organization.

Insight: In.Sight mission is centered on the development of augmented reality systems being low cost, wearable and less intrusive on the environment. In particular, Arianna is an innovative navigation system designed to guide visually impaired people in public spaces and increase their autonomy and independence. With Arianna, the idea is to make these places “smarter”, allowing a better quality of life for visually impaired all-over the world.

Helpilepsy: Helpilepsy is a mobile app that detects epileptic seizures and sends accurate and customized instructions to people surrounding the patient. The app connects with most wearable devices and smartwatches, hence allowing reliable detection, and spreads instantaneously a vocal and written message to surrounding caregivers (other people with the app), as well as friends and family.

Minze: Minze is the first telehealth solution that enables urologists to diagnose and monitor their patients at home. Minze’s solution reduces hospital visits, enables post treatment follow-up from home and eliminates the stress and discomfort of a uroflow test at the hospital. This has the potential to reduce the workload for the urology departments and to increase the reliability of the results.

DiaBEATes: diaBEATes is a personalized, handy and accurate self-management app that offers multiple assets to meet diabetics’ needs and facilitate their everyday life: Automated data feed from smart devices (glucose meters, fitness apps for physical activity, heart rate measuring devices), personalized recorder (dietary & exercise info) and a real life-saving app for the user, as it detects fainting episodes and sends notifications (nearby people, doctors, family, 112) for immediate actions.

Eskesso: ESKESSO, a solution designed to solve the problem related with the fact the modern lifestyle in big cities does not allow people to eat properly, is form by a mobile App (EApp) and an online platform (ECP) that accompany a Sous-Vide smart cooking device (EIC). With EIC you will be able to cook professional-quality dishes easily and while your are not at home throught the EApp. The ECP platform gives you access to an online community of users, recipes as well as to ready-to-cook food bags e-commerce.

Zebra: What we do? Urgent care telemedicine for hospitals trough Pre- and in-hospital treatment service What do we offer? HW, IT-platform and decision support SW to accelerate treatment (First product focused on Stroke but our approach is scalable to other urgency treatments)


We would like to invite you to meet us in Paris at EIT Digital Event, at which Muvone will present its brand new wearable on July the 6th, at 9.30 a.m. We will then explain everything about our wearable and we will also give the results for your favorite Muvone’s design, obtained after testing it among our fans and followers. We would also like to invite you to vote gor your favourite design if you haven’t done yet here.

Finally, we would like to thank to FI-C³ one more time for all the help they gave us and they keep on giving us. .

Looking forward to meeting all the rest of e-health startups in Paris

Healthy Bones, Happy Bones!

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