certification from fiware

Muvone has received the certification from Fiware

Our device (Muvone) has received the certification from Fiware to be part of the Fiware Catalogue as an available commercial device. From all those who make this project possible to go ahead we would like to thank both the Fiware family and you for the interest shown in this device.

The Fiware mission is to build an open sustainable ecosystem around public, royalty-free and implementation-driven software platform standards that will ease the development of new Smart Applications in multiple sectors.

What is the certification from Fiware?

In the Fiware Catalogue developers will find a showcase of Fiware Generic Enabler Implementations, Bundles, IoT-related devices and hardware and Tools that they can use to develop their own applications. The Catalogue not only provicesa list but also important information on how to get started, how to ask for help or where to find the source code.

On the other hand, the certification from Fiware corresponds to a list of available commercial devices, that includes entries for technology companies and products offering Fiware-enabled custom hardware solutions.

Secmotic gets its second certification from Fiware

As was the case with Lockart, Secmotic gest its second certification from Fiware. From the beginnings, Secmotic Innovation has been bet very strong to develop using this using this technology. We also have extensive experience both within the national territory and abroad. At Secmotic the development of Fiware is the means we use to solve problems in a creative way.

On the other hand, we also advise companies on the advantages of integrating Fiware technology into their solutions. Our commitment to this technology is such that the entire staff of Secmotic belongs to the Fiware Foundation in a personal capacity. In addition, Secmotic has started the process to become a Gold Partner at the corporate level.

Muvone fighting osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a condition characterized by a decrease in the density of bones, decreasing their strength and resulting in fragile bones. This disorder weakens the bones and results in frequent broken bones. It affects over 200 million people worldwide. The best ways to prevent osteoporosis is with weight bearing exercise, exposure to vitamin-D through sun light, and increasing your intake of calcium . Now with Muvone, you can track your daily habits to ensure that you are working to prevent osteoporosis.

Tracking your fight against Osteoporosis

While most wearbles on the market are designed for tracking sports activity, Muvone is the first wearable device specifically designed to help you prevent osteoporosis. Its small size and attractive design make it the ideal complement to take care of your health intelligently. Wear it and start delaying the onset of osteoporosis symptoms.

How it works

  1. Wear it. You can wear it on your shoes or hanging it from your belt. The more you wear it, the better the results.
  2. Check your daily activity. Check the amount of sunlight you need to absorb enough vitamin D and if your physical activity is sufficient to help strengthen your bones.
  3. Get recommendations. Additonally, with the app, you can learn the secrets of a diet rich in foods that can help prevent osteoporosis.

Benefits of Muvone

Muvone lets you know the best exercises to strengthen your bones. It helps you to take advantage of sunlight by tracking your daily exposure, ensuring you absorb enough vitamin D. Finally, Muvone helps you to  incorporate foods rich in Vitamin D and calcium into your diet to help improve bone density.

Muvone is sure to revolutionize the way people fight back against osteoporosis. With its sleek and elegant design, Muvone is the perfect device to track your daily habits!

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